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Ted in San Jose

Love to see the prices inside. The chairs were the finest made in the world and many still exist in barber shops

Linda Beghtel

I have a Koken ceramic hydraulic chair that I'd like to sell. I don't know how to find the serial number but it has a embossed number on the back "NEFA 178".
I'd like to know what year it was made, and it's value. It is in working condition, with the Child's booster seat and a few of the Barber cloths that went around the customer. I also have several of his Barber tools, paper, etc.
This Koken was bought by my father at an Auction at the Lemoore Naval Base while he was a Barber in Tulare, CA. It was part of a 'pair' and the other Barber got to keep his chair when the Barbershop moved.

Mark Hurst

have a koken barber chait serail number 119805 how can I find the age of the chair and value My father in law would like to sell it


Hello. I have two Koken premier barbers chairs and I’m looking for any information about them. The serial numbers are 21239/21240. They were my in my family for a long time. They are not for sale. I would like to know some more history about them and am looking for some ways to find more about them.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hank Ternove

I have a couple of antique barber chairs and a pole I need parts do you have a catalog that I can see the parts

David Colorez

Not sure of the name of the item I’m looking for; A wire ring that locks the Brake pad around the base of the hydraulic.

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